Determining What Work Needs To Be Done


Seal Coating and Crack Sealing

Seal Coat and Crack Sealing help to increase the lifespan of your asphalt pavement structures. When your asphalt is exposed to constant weather changes, it oxidizes faster and becomes brittle. Like the name suggests, crack seal is used to fill in cracks before they get out of hand and lead to the more expensive and time consuming projects. Sealcoating seals off the surface of your asphalt pavement from harsh UV rays, oils, water and wind damage.

Regular Sealcoating and Crack Sealing saves much more money and time in the long run. Not only do these services need very little manpower and equipment, but they take much less time to do compared to the full upheaval and repair of failed pavement structures. Not to mention the clear bonus of being able to extend the lifespan of your pavement by years, and upkeep the well maintained look.

Regular Sealcoating and Crack Sealing Pros:

  • Saves Money, these services need less manpower and equipment
  • Saves Time, they also take much less time, easier to schedule in and cut down disruption to your business or residential areas
  • Extends the lifespan of your pavement structure by years
  • Keeps your pavement looking well maintained and hazard free

Sealcoating and Crack Sealing Cons:

  • Many people try sealcoating and Crack Sealing themselves or from uncertified helpers, which requires constant maintenance and reapplying every 1-3 years. Contracting a professional asphalt sealcoating will have much longer lasting results.
  • If you wait too long for sealcoating or maintenance, it may no longer be an option and you’ll have to resurface or overlay your pavement.
  • Getting used to regular maintenance schedules for sealcoating and Crack Sealing may take some getting used to, but once you’re in the habit of it you’ll absolutely love the well maintained atmosphere you create for your company or residential area.

Removal and Replacement ( R & R):

Sometimes you’ll have asphalt with irreversible damage that you have to get rid of, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to do a full-scale reconstruction project. In some cases, all you need is the removal of badly damaged asphalt, replace or add more subbase and then add fresh new asphalt to the area.

Your California pavement contractor will make sure to level out the new pavement to match the surrounding asphalt. Removal and Replacement is a much cheaper alternative to a complete reconstruction, while strengthening and restoring your asphalt pavement structure to its original glory.

If you’re confused on whether you’ll need a full reconstruction project done or if a simple R&R will work for your case… Call us here at Advance Asphalt, Inc. and explain the situation to us. We’ll answer to the best of our abilities, or we’ll simply schedule a time to come over and look at it ourselves! Call us at
1-877-780-7283 (PAVE)


Asphalt Overlays are best for early (but ugly) stages of asphalt aging. As long as the subbase aggregate (the stuff underneath the asphalt surface layer) is damage free, you can add another layer of asphalt over pre-existing asphalt pavement to keep the sleek, new asphalt look for your property. You’ll have to go over it with a professional to make sure your current asphalt pavement meets all requirements for an overlay to work. Overlays are commonly used to keep parking lots and driveways looking fresh.


Reconstruction is the best choice for asphalt structures that are well past their lifecycle. After paved surfaces have broken down past the point of simply repaving, it’s time to start from ground up. This includes

  • Excavating the site of reconstruction
  • Re-grading the surface to guarantee a strong base foundation that provides great drainage

Rehabilitating aged pavements structures

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