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Do you have dry, cracked, or crumbling asphalt pavement on your commercial property? Want to prevent your asphalt from getting to that point? Sealcoating is a great way to both restore and protect your parking lot, but you need to get this asphalt maintenance service from a reputable paving company.

For Northern California property owners, the premier paving company is Advance Asphalt Inc. We have experience with sealcoating, repairing, and installing asphalt parking lots and commercial pavement all over California, so we can restore and protect your pavement.

What is Asphalt Sealcoating?

The first thing commercial parking lot owners or property managers need to understand is what an asphalt sealcoating actually is. The sealant is an advanced asphalt product made up of petroleum-based liquid binders, special liquid plastics, additives for UV protection, and fine aggregates such as sand for traction. Your expert paving contractors will choose the right type of sealcoating for your property, and they’ll install it either with a sprayer or squeegees.

How Sealcoating Saves Your Parking Lot

So what is it that an asphalt sealcoating does for your asphalt parking lot?

  • Beautifies – A sealcoating provides a brand new asphalt surface that’s smooth and dark black, which looks great.
  • Seals Cracks – Depending on the thickness of your sealer, it can seal over minor asphalt cracks and prevent them from widening over time.
  • Slows Chemical Damage – Because of special additives, a sealcoating provides protection against damage from UV rays as well as oxidation.
  • Prevents Liquid Penetration – Sealants flow into all the tiny holes in the surface of your asphalt pavement, which prevents liquids like water, vehicle oils, or chemical spills from penetrating your pavement and causing breakdown.
  • Protects Against Wear – A thin layer of protection also prevents physical wear from tires or pressure washing.
  • Restores Pavement Flexibility – Sealcoating also restores oils within the asphalt that allow it to be pliable and flex under pressure.
  • Saves Money – With a sealcoating, you’re preventing expensive asphalt repairs on serious problems that can occur on unprotected pavement.

Local Parking Lot Sealcoating Experts: Advance Asphalt Inc

With decades of experience applying asphalt sealcoating on California pavement, Advance Asphalt Inc are the local leaders in pavement maintenance services like sealcoating. Our pavement experts will inspect your property for free, note all the problems with your asphalt, then recommend only the most cost effective paving services to revamp your asphalt.

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