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When it comes to getting a new parking lot or driveway, property owners may not know everything that goes into asphalt installation. It’s still very important to understand how your professional asphalt paving contractors build your new pavement from the ground up.

All over Northern California, Advance Asphalt Inc have been installing asphalt pavement from the mountains to the bay area for decades, so we can help property owners get the best pavement for their properties, whether that’s a decorative concrete patio behind a residential home or a huge asphalt parking lot at a business park.

Our Proven Asphalt Installation Process

  • Site Preparation

    If there is existing pavement, we first remove that, saving it for recycling in other projects. If not, the land is prepared by removing any vegetation and compacting the soil. Next, the area to be paved is graded, meaning a slope is created to allow water to flow away.

  • Sub Base Installation

    A stable base makes for stable pavement, so the gravel aggregate sub-base is installed carefully, thicker for high-traffic pavement and somewhat thinner for pavement like driveways. This layer is also graded for correct drainage and finally compacted with rollers.

  • Asphalt Binder Layer

    Most people don’t realize that there’s a second layer in most asphalt pavement that makes sure the top surface is stable and binds well to the gravel base. This layer is mixed from large aggregates and petroleum binders to create the strength inside the pavement.

  • Top Asphalt Surface

    The top layer is made of smaller aggregates and specially mixed asphalt to create a smooth surface that also has traction. Once the top layer fully cures, a sealcoating can be applied to protect asphalt from UV rays and wear.

    Transitions & Edging

    Most asphalt isn’t installed alone, so you need transitions like joints and aprons where new asphalt connects with existing pavement like roads or walkways. Edging can be decorative pavers or concrete curbs.

  • Professional Pavement Finishing

    After asphalt pavement has been installed, there are services that can finish it out, including line striping and installing concrete curbs and gutters.

Local, Reputable Asphalt Installation Experts

Advance Asphalt Inc, Northern California’s trusted paving company, are the pavement installation experts for the area. Our experienced paving contractors have over 40 years combined experience with asphalt paving, so we can tackle any size or complexity of pavement project. Contact us today for your free asphalt installation estimate!

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