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Has your commercial pavement gone dry and gray? Does it have cracks or shifting? This kind of pavement damage is preventable. Most property managers don’t realize that there are plenty of services they can get that will increase the lifespan of their commercial pavement and actually prevent expensive asphalt repairs. These are pavement maintenance services, and they should be performed by a reputable local paving company.

Get Pavement Maintenance From Your Trusted Local Paving Company

In Northern California and the Bay Area, Advance Asphalt Inc is this trusted paving company with years of experience with asphalt maintenance and concrete construction. Our skilled paving contractors can keep your commercial parking lot, walkways, loading zones, and any kind of pavement safe, smooth, and durable.

Benefits of Pavement Maintenance

  • Beautification of your property with a new dark black surface.
  • Prevention of further damage from wear.
  • Minor repairs of shallow, narrow cracks.
  • Protection against sunlight and water penetration.
  • Saving money on more extensive repairs later on.

Our Proven Asphalt Maintenance Services

  • Crack Sealing – Though technically minor asphalt repairs, filling in cracks is an important component of pavement maintenance, as small cracks can widen and worsen over time. This is also important to do before any kind of surface treatment.
  • Sealcoating – This service involves spreading a thin layer of specially mixed asphalt over a deteriorated pavement surface. Sealcoating revitalizes pavement and protects against further damage from water, physical wear, and UV rays.
  • Slurry Sealing – Another form of sealing, a slurry is a thicker type of coating for an asphalt surface that fixes minor imperfections in the surface as well as providing all the benefits of a sealcoating.

Advance Asphalt Inc: Northern CA’s Pavement Maintenance Experts

California property owners have the help of skilled, experienced paving experts to keep their pavement in good repair for decades. We do this by starting with a free asphalt inspection, then a dedicated paving specialist will talk with your property manager, and finally we’ll create a custom plan for ongoing asphalt maintenance that meets your needs and stays within your budget.

Contact Advance Asphalt Inc to craft a custom pavement maintenance plan today!

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