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Commercial property managers and business owners may neglect their pavement assets, but a parking lot is a major part of your commercial property’s value and curb appeal for your business. Even properties like apartment complexes or subdivisions need smooth, safe parking lots to attract tenants.

In Northern California, commercial property owners have a reputable, experienced parking lot paving company, Advance Asphalt Inc, to meet all their commercial paving needs. We can install new parking lots, repair your existing parking lot, or perform regular asphalt maintenance to keep your lot looking good.

Signs of Quality Commercial Parking Lot Paving

Drainage & Grading

To begin your parking lot paving, you need to have a site that will properly drain water away from buildings and pavement and into appropriate runoff drains. To make this happen, your paving company needs to grade the land with specialized equipment to create the proper slope.

A Stable Paving Base

For an asphalt parking lot that will remain stable for decades, you have to start with a gravel aggregate base layer that is properly installed and compacted. Compaction is vital because it compresses the gravel and ensures that it won’t move under the weight of asphalt and vehicles.

Built by Experienced Paving Contractors

To have the longest-lasting parking lot that will add value to your commercial property, you have to get the services of experienced paving contractors. If your paving company has experience with different paving conditions, a large crew of skilled contractors, and state of the art equipment, they can more effectively pave a quality parking lot.

Parking Lot Finishing Services

A parking lot isn’t just some asphalt; there’s concrete curbs, walkways, transitions to existing pavement, parking stripes, and more. Your parking lot paving company needs to have experience with all these paving services as well as maintenance services to keep your parking lot looking good for longer.

Northern California’s Trusted Parking Lot Paving Experts

Advance Asphalt Inc has been paving commercial properties all over California, so we have the experience to design, install, repair, and maintain your commercial parking lot. We’ll be with you from start to finish to ensure that your pavement adds value for decades.

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