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Owners of a commercial property, whether that’s a retail business or a multi-family property, you know that keeping a safe parking lot is a vital part of property maintenance. If visitors can’t easily navigate your lot and easily find a safe place to park, then your curb appeal goes down. Your parking lot is a reflection of your level of care for your customers, so you have to make sure it’s beautiful and safe.

The best way to do that is with the help of your trusted local paving company. All around Northern California, the most trusted paving company is Advance Asphalt Inc. We have the expertise to design and paint your parking lot with pavement markings, parking stripes, traffic indicators, numbers, letters, or whatever your property requires.

All About Parking Lot Striping

How to Tell if Your Parking Lot Needs New Line Striping

  • Sloppy Parking – Visitors to your property don’t follow parking lines by taking up two spaces, or they’re parking at an angle or off center.
  • Blurred Parking Lines – Parking lines and pavement markings aren’t fully visible during the rain, low light conditions, or fog.
  • Not ADA Compliant – Accessible parking spots aren’t available to visitors with disabilities because others are parking there, or the handicap parking stalls aren’t properly marked.
  • Car Accidents – There are increased fender benders because drivers can’t tell where to go or are parked inappropriately.

The Parking Lot Striping Process

  • Get a free inspection from your local paving company with line striping experience to determine whether your pavement is healthy enough for painting.
  • Have minor repairs or maintenance like asphalt sealcoating or pavement cleaning done to prepare the surface.
  • Arrange for visitors to your property to park in another place temporarily and let customers, employees, or residents know there will be paving work in the parking lot.
  • Consult closely with a pavement expert to design your parking lot, deciding on the number of spots, whether you’ll need numbers or traffic designs, and making sure of ADA compliance.
  • Now skilled paving contractors will apply traffic paint using specialized equipment. The process is quicker than most realize, and many parking lots can be painted in a day, even in a few hours.
  • After the pavement markings are cured, your parking lot is ready to use!

Advance Asphalt Inc: Your Dedicated Parking Lot Striping Company

We have decades of experience with all kinds of parking lot paving services, including line striping and pavement marking. We only use the highest quality materials so that your parking lot will serve you for decades.

Contact Advance Asphalt Inc for the highest quality parking lot striping in California!

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