Chip Seal

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Are you in the early stages of asphalt deterioration? Noticing your asphalt gradually changing into a gray color? Now is the perfect time for preventative maintenance. By acting now, you’ll be able to extend the lifespan of your asphalt pavement structures by years. Chip Seal is a great option. Here’s what Chip Seal is and why it’s needed.

Chip Seal is the most cost effective alternative to asphalt there is and is naturally gray in color. While it’s mainly used in rural areas with less traffic, it has a potential to add a unique look by adding colored stones to the mix. Chip seal is added to already paved surfaces and is the pavement surface treatment under a tight budget. A bonus with chip seals is that it needs less maintenance compared to sealcoating, with renewal every 5~8 years depending on the location site in question. Chip seal is an alternative to asphalt.