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Pavement damage like cracks, depressions, and potholes is not only unsightly, but unsafe. When it gets damage, you need a professional asphalt paving and repair company to restore your parking lot. Even damage that seems unsurmountable can be fixed with the help of experienced paving contractors.

Advance Asphalt Inc: Your Local Parking Lot Repair Company

For asphalt repair in Northern California, the most trusted paving company is Advance Asphalt Inc. Our skilled contractors have decades of experience with all sorts of asphalt repair, so we can tackle whatever type of pavement damage you’re dealing with.

Parking Lot Repair Services to Save Your Pavement

To help California commercial property owners understand what we can do for their pavement, here’s some repair services that will restore damaged asphalt.

Crack Sealing

Asphalt cracks can lead to more extensive pavement damage like shifting, so it’s important to get them fixed quickly with professional crack fillers applied by experienced paving contractors. One of the most cost-effective types of parking lot repair is crack filling or sealing because it prevents worse damage.


When there’s damage to a certain area in a parking lot, asphalt patching can repair just that area instead of replacing the entire lot. Patching involves cutting away damaged asphalt, making necessary base layer repairs, pouring new asphalt, and making it match the existing asphalt.

Concrete Repair

Asphalt isn’t the only type of pavement that can be repaired. Experienced contractors can also repair your concrete walkways, gutters, and curbs.

Asphalt Resurfacing

There are various types of resurfacing services to fix a worn asphalt surface.

  • Sealcoating – A very thin coat of asphalt with fine aggregates restores and protects the top layer of asphalt.
  • Slurry Sealing – This resurfacing layer is thicker than a sealcoat but thinner than normal asphalt, and it provides a new, level surface.
  • Asphalt Milling – After milling away a layer of damaged pavement, new asphalt can be applied.

Avoid Expensive Pavement Replacement with Our Parking Lot Repair Services

At Advance Asphalt Inc, we always use the highest quality asphalt products, and we consult closely with commercial property managers to find the right parking lot repair solutions. Contact us right away for superior parking lot repair services.

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