Asphalt Driveway Paving in Winters CA


Asphalt Driveway Paving in Winters CA

Because of our 45 years of combined experience in the paving industry, Advance Asphalt Inc is Winters CA’s most reputable asphalt paving company, and we’re proud to serve area property owners with quality asphalt paving work. No matter how big or small the paving project, we are here to fix your asphalt problems on driveways, roadways, and more.

We recently helped a Winters CA homeowner fix their asphalt driveway, which suffered from a lot of problems common to badly paved driveways. Generally, asphalt driveways last up to ten years with proper installation, but if the paving contractors skip a step or substitute inferior materials, it can show up later as asphalt deterioration and shorten the lifespan of the pavement.

Improper drainage can lead to deterioration of the gravel base layer. Without surface protection like a sealcoating, your asphalt driveway will also suffer oxidation and sun damage, when UV rays and oxygen penetrate the top layer, causing the surface to get brittle. A combination of these problems led our Winters CA asphalt driveway to become cracked on the surface and unstable underneath. The best solution for the homeowner was to repave the driveway.

The experienced Advance Asphalt crew was able to get their driveway done in a day, and our team was professional and efficient. First they removed the old driveway, taking it to be recycled, and then installed a fresh asphalt driveway from a stable base layer up to a smooth dark paved surface.

Our Winters CA homeowner could trust that our work would last for decades. Contact us for a free pavement consultation for your property.

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