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Advance Asphalt Inc has been providing high quality paving services to Concord CA and surrounding communities for decades. Over the years, we’ve developed state of the art paving techniques using the latest paving technology and adhering to the strictest standards of workmanship and customer service. Our professional paving contractors install, repair, and maintain roadways, parking lots, and residential paving all over California.

Paving Services Offered in Concord CA


  • Our paving team has a combined 45 years of experience as a full-service paving company, and we can leverage this experience for your next project.
  • We routinely maintain our high quality paving equipment, giving it regular inspections so ensure optimal performance with every pavement project.
  • In order to maintain the highest degree of professionalism and integrity, we only employ trained, licensed paving contractors.

Enjoy Scenic Concord CA

With a 2020 US Census population of nearly 130,000, Concord California is the largest community in Contra Costa County and one of the most populous suburban areas in the greater San Francisco Bay Area, located 30 miles from San Francisco. Though the area was long inhabited by the Miwok tribe of Native Americans, the community later known as Concord was first established by Spanish colonizer Don Salvio Obacheco II as Todos Santos (or “all saints”) in 1869. Many areas within the modern town are named All Saints to honor this history. The town includes the Port Chicago coastal area along Suisun Bay, and includes the Port Chicago Naval Magazine National Memorial, which honors the lives of men lost when WWII ships exploded.

The area has a lot to offer residents, with bustling retail centers within the town and beautiful greenspaces surrounding the town, including Briones Regional Park. Mount Diablo State Park is close as well, offering spaces for picnicking and camping, as well as scenic hiking trails. Visitors (and residents) can also enjoy nature in town on the Contra Costa Canal Trail or the Ruth Bancroft Garden & Nursery. The historic Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve is another great natural park to visit. There’s also family fun available at Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord as well as Pixieland Amusement Park.

Revamping Resort Roadway in Lake Berryessa, CA with Asphalt Installation

At Advance Asphalt, Inc., local businesses all over Southern California trust us for asphalt installation, roadway paving, parking lot repair, and more. Recently, a resort property nestled in picturesque Lake Berryessa, CA, sought our paving expertise for a transformative road paving project. We’re so proud of this new pavement because it really reflects the company’s commitment to impeccable pavement installation and unparalleled service.

Advance Asphalt, Inc.: Roadway Paving Experts in Lake Berryessa

The resort faced challenges with its deteriorating road; the old gravel was bumpy and kicked up a lot of dust. All in all, it wasn’t a very attractive way to greet new guests. Our experienced paving team swiftly responded, going to the property quickly to start work. This project involved excavation, leveling, grading, and establishing a sturdy gravel base to make the paved road strong and durable. Next, we execute our superior asphalt installation using the latest equipment and paving materials that are custom-mixed for each property. Then, our skilled contractors smoothed the newly laid asphalt, ensuring a seamless and durable finish. The client’s satisfaction stands as a testament to the project’s success. Resort staff expressed that they loved the newly paved roadway!

Paving asphalt over a gravel roadway brings many advantages, offering enhanced durability, reduced maintenance, and an improved appearance. The shift from gravel to blacktop vastly improves the roadway’s longevity and durability, ensuring a smoother driving experience for patrons and emphasizing the property’s appeal. Unlike gravel, which can shift and erode, blacktop pavement requires less frequent maintenance, saving both time and money for property owners.

Are you a property owner seeking superior roadway paving solutions? Embrace the superiority of asphalt over gravel for lasting durability and aesthetics.

Contact Advance Asphalt, Inc. today to elevate your property’s appeal and ensure a smooth driving experience for your patrons. Experience the difference with our superior asphalt installation services tailored to your needs.

asphalt installation roadway

Our Commercial Parking Lot Paving Transforms Store in Concord, CA

When your property needs commercial parking lot paving, do you know who to call? Advance Asphalt, Inc. is Contra Costa County’s trusted pavement installation and repair company, and we’re happy to help all kinds of property owners with their paved areas. We recently showcased our expertise in Concord, CA, by revamping a bustling convenience store’s deteriorating lot with quality asphalt installation and line striping.

Advance Asphalt, Inc.: Commercial Parking Lot Paving in Concord, CA

The convenience store faced many issues due to heavy traffic causing pavement breakdowns. There were unsightly potholes across the property, resulting in accidents and liability issues for the property owner. Addressing these concerns, our experienced contractors recommended a comprehensive re-pavement project consisting of asphalt installation and precision line striping.

Our crew quickly got out to the retail property and arranged alternative areas for customers before starting the paving process. It began with thorough site preparation, followed by the application of high-quality asphalt, and concluded with expert smoothing for a seamless finish. The line striping process also adhered to ADA compliance standards, ensuring accessibility for all users by delineating designated spaces. Our crew is knowledgeable of all federal, state, and local pavement regulations regarding accessibility and traffic, so the property owner doesn’t need to worry.

The convenience store owner was thrilled with their new pavement! We also worked with them on an ongoing pavement maintenance plan to keep everything in good condition, which costs less money than fully repaving. Regular upkeep helps prevent deterioration and ensures longevity, enhancing appearance and safety. ADA-compliant line striping reinforces inclusivity and compliance with accessibility standards.

Trust Advance Asphalt, Inc. for expert commercial parking lot paving and line striping services in Concord, CA. Contact us today to witness the transformation and ensure a durable and visually appealing parking area for your property.

Residential Vs Commercial Paving in Concord CA

For paving contractors, residential and commercial paving services have some differences in approach, though a reputable paving company will always treat their customers with the same service. One of these paving companies is Advance Asphalt Inc, Concord CA’s most experienced paving experts, who care for both local homeowners and business owners.

Finding a paving company who has experience with both residential and commercial paving is a must because it shows they are flexible in their approach to pavement. This doesn’t mean that the two types of paving services are exactly the same.

Residential Vs Commercial Paving

Here’s a brief overview of how commercial and residential paving projects may have different priorities.



Underneath all asphalt pavement is a base layer made of gravel and other aggregates. The depth of this layer needs to be thick for pavement that will see heavy loads, like commercial pavement. Residential pavement can take thinner gravel and asphalt layers.


Asphalt for commercial applications that will see higher traffic needs to be extra durable, where driveway paving may focus more on things like design or aesthetic.


Obviously a residential property owner would have less money to invest in pavement, but luckily, most residential applications, even private sports courts, use less paving materials and labor to construct than a larger commercial paving project.


Because a commercial parking lot covers literally more ground than an asphalt driveway, a parking lot needs a more extensive drainage system to avoid puddles and asphalt deterioration. Drainage is important for asphalt driveways as well, but it’s easier to fix with a simple trench drain.


Advance Asphalt Inc, Concord CA’s Best Commercial & Residential Paving Contractors

Whether you need a large commercial parking lot or a decorative residential driveway, the pavement experts at Advance Asphalt Inc are ready to help Concord CA area property owners. Contact us today for a free site inspection and paving consultation.

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