Commercial Asphalt Milling Near Fairfield CA


Commercial Asphalt Milling Near Fairfield CA

Damaged asphalt is a headache for any property owner, let alone someone with a business to run. For commercial property owners around Fairfield CA, Advance Asphalt is the trusted paving company for issues like deteriorating pavement. We were recently honored to help a business owner in Cordelia CA, just outside of Fairfield CA, whose industrial pavement had large areas of cracking and raveling where the asphalt had begun to deteriorate.

When this happens, you need a reputable, experienced commercial paving company to perform one of the most cost-effective and lasting pavement repairs in the business: asphalt milling. This pavement repair service removes just the top layer of damaged asphalt so that it can be resurfaced with a fresh layer of asphalt.

The benefits of asphalt milling for damaged pavement are many, but the main advantage is cost effectiveness. Milling is vastly cheaper than replacing an entire paved area from the gravel aggregate base up to the surface layer. It’s also eco-friendly, as the broken asphalt that’s removed can be recycled in other projects.

With asphalt milling, the experienced Advance Asphalt paving contractors were able to remove rutted and cracked asphalt and get this commercial pavement back to a uniform profile and surface that matched the level of the existing curbs and drainage. All in all, our Cordelia CA commercial asphalt client was very pleased with the results, especially on their budget!

If your pavement surface has seen better days and you’re worried about your employees and company vehicles, contact the Advance Asphalt commercial paving experts for help!

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