Our Commercial Parking Lot Paving Transforms Store in Concord, CA


Our Commercial Parking Lot Paving Transforms Store in Concord, CA

When your property needs commercial parking lot paving, do you know who to call? Advance Asphalt, Inc. is Contra Costa County’s trusted pavement installation and repair company, and we’re happy to help all kinds of property owners with their paved areas. We recently showcased our expertise in Concord, CA, by revamping a bustling convenience store’s deteriorating lot with quality asphalt installation and line striping.

Advance Asphalt, Inc.: Commercial Parking Lot Paving in Concord, CA

The convenience store faced many issues due to heavy traffic causing pavement breakdowns. There were unsightly potholes across the property, resulting in accidents and liability issues for the property owner. Addressing these concerns, our experienced contractors recommended a comprehensive re-pavement project consisting of asphalt installation and precision line striping.

Our crew quickly got out to the retail property and arranged alternative areas for customers before starting the paving process. It began with thorough site preparation, followed by the application of high-quality asphalt, and concluded with expert smoothing for a seamless finish. The line striping process also adhered to ADA compliance standards, ensuring accessibility for all users by delineating designated spaces. Our crew is knowledgeable of all federal, state, and local pavement regulations regarding accessibility and traffic, so the property owner doesn’t need to worry.

The convenience store owner was thrilled with their new pavement! We also worked with them on an ongoing pavement maintenance plan to keep everything in good condition, which costs less money than fully repaving. Regular upkeep helps prevent deterioration and ensures longevity, enhancing appearance and safety. ADA-compliant line striping reinforces inclusivity and compliance with accessibility standards.

Trust Advance Asphalt, Inc. for expert commercial parking lot paving and line striping services in Concord, CA. Contact us today to witness the transformation and ensure a durable and visually appealing parking area for your property.

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