Commercial Parking Lot Paving in Dublin, CA for Electric Vehicles


Commercial Parking Lot Paving in Dublin, CA for Electric Vehicles

Does your commercial parking lot have spaces for electric vehicle charging? To attract the most drivers and customers, it should! Call Advance Asphalt, Southern California’s most trusted business paving company, for these innovative pavement upgrades. In the vibrant city of Dublin, CA, we recently helped a local business embrace electric vehicle (EV) technology with a brand-new charging area on their property.

Our team specializes in new asphalt paving, offering comprehensive services, including installing electric charging stations, erecting essential signage, and seamlessly blending the new paving with existing areas.

Advance Asphalt: Modernizing Commercial Parking Lots for California’s Electric Vehicles

The surge in electric vehicles has prompted business owners nationwide to adapt their infrastructure accordingly. Recognizing this shift, a Dublin, California, commercial property owner sought assistance in upgrading their parking lot to accommodate EV charging stations. Advance Asphalt swiftly answered the call, delivering high-quality asphalt paving and creating dedicated charging zones on the property. We made sure that this new paved area matched their existing pavement, creating a smooth parking and charging experience for EV drivers.

Customer satisfaction remains at the core of Advance Asphalt’s ethos, so we take great care on every commercial project. The Dublin property owner was thrilled with the transformation and proud that their parking lot was modern and attractive to new potential customers. They were just as pleased with our contractors’ professionalism and swift project completion.

Embracing sustainable practices and catering to the growing demand for EV-friendly spaces, Advance Asphalt’s paving solutions meet the present needs and future-proof commercial properties. We’re happy to help other local businesses with pavement installation, line striping, signage, concrete curbs, pavement markings, and more.

Contact us today to elevate your commercial parking lot with cutting-edge paving solutions from Advance Asphalt, setting the stage for a progressive and eco-friendly environment.

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