Commercial Pavement Maintenance Tips


Commercial Pavement Maintenance Tips

When it comes to protecting your commercial pavement assets, regular maintenance is the most important factor. Many property managers think that they don’t have to do anything to keep their parking lots and walkways free of hazards and damage once they’re installed. Nothing could be more wrong. It’s vital for all commercial properties to get regular pavement maintenance services from their trusted local paving company to prevent pavement problems before they arise.

Advance Asphalt Inc, San Pablo CA’s premier commercial paving company, understands what commercial properties need to keep their pavement functional and beautiful year-round. Here’s some proven strategies to keep your commercial pavement in good shape.

Commercial Pavement Maintenance Tips

Get Regular Pavement Inspections

The key to keeping your maintenance costs low is to get your parking lot inspected at least yearly to make sure you’re not missing any developing damage or problem areas. If you catch things like puddles on your asphalt, you can prevent water damage instead of paying for patch repair services later.

Stay On Top Of Repairs

Asphalt cracks will widen over time and cause more problems for your asphalt pavement, so it’s important to fill cracks and perform minor repairs to your pavement before they become more expensive repairs later on.

Preventative Asphalt Maintenance

There are also preventative pavement maintenance techniques like asphalt sealcoating that address the root problems of pavement damage in order to prevent it from happening in the first place! Sealcoating does this by creating a barrier between the weather and your pavement, preventing water and UV damage.

Advance Asphalt Inc: San Pablo CA’s Commercial Pavement Maintenance Experts

We serve the greater San Pablo CA area with the best asphalt paving, repair, and maintenance services because we care about our local area. Let us help keep your visitors safe with pavement maintenance services such as professional sweeping, asphalt sealcoating, and more.

Contact the Advance Asphalt team to learn more about preventative pavement maintenance.

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