Concrete Parking Lot Paving in Vallejo, CA Makes Local Lot Accessible


Concrete Parking Lot Paving in Vallejo, CA Makes Local Lot Accessible

Not sure if concrete parking lot paving is necessary? It was for a busy retail property in Vallejo, CA, whose accessible area for drivers had broken down. They called the most trusted commercial paving company in Southern California: Advance Asphalt. We’re dedicated to enhancing accessibility and functionality on local properties, so we were happy to revitalize this Vallejo, CA, property with specialized concrete paving services, ensuring compliance with ADA standards.

Located in Vallejo, this department store’s parking lot required urgent attention due to deteriorating pavement caused by weathering. Harsh weather conditions like extreme heat, freezing temperatures, and constant exposure to sunlight can cause concrete to expand and contract, leading to cracks and surface deterioration over time. Additionally, prolonged exposure to moisture, rain, and chemicals can gradually erode the pavement layers, compromising its structural integrity and appearance. When we excavated their paved area, we discovered the damage had gone into the base layer, requiring a complete re-paving.

Addressing the customer’s immediate concerns, the Advance Asphalt crew executed a comprehensive overhaul, focusing on establishing a fully accessible parking area. Our intervention involved demolishing and removing the worn pavement, installing fresh, durable concrete, and adding the required ADA-compliant signage. The installation of new concrete and the incorporation of proper ADA signage not only resolved the existing issues but also ensured compliance with accessibility standards, guaranteeing a user-friendly environment for all patrons

Advance Asphalt: Paving Company Trusted for Parking Lot Paving in Vallejo and Beyond

The customer loved their parking lot transformation. Happy with the upgraded pavement and the restoration of accessibility, they expressed gratitude for having a functional parking lot once more. Advance Asphalt remains committed to offering tailored commercial paving solutions, ensuring smooth surfaces and accessibility compliance.

For businesses in Vallejo seeking superior concrete parking lot paving services, contact us to experience top-tier expertise dedicated to functionality and ADA standards.

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