Advance Asphalt’s Expert Parking Lot Replacement in Woodland, CA


Advance Asphalt’s Expert Parking Lot Replacement in Woodland, CA

When your California commercial property needs some help, do you know who to call for parking lot replacement? Advance Asphalt, a leading provider of paving solutions in Woodland, CA, specializes in pavement demolition and parking lot installations, including grading and seamless blending with existing paved areas.

Recently, a Woodland business owner learned the benefits of getting a brand-new paved area instead of repairing a deteriorating lot. The client faced issues with improper drainage on their property causing breakdown of their blacktop, potholes, trip hazards, and more. Once they called us, our paving experts knew just what solutions would work for their property.

Who do you call for parking lot replacement? Advance Asphalt, Southern California’s Trusted Paving Experts

This commercial paving project involved a systematic approach to asphalt removal and installation of new pavement. The contractors diligently removed the old pavement, ensuring a clean and stable base layer for the new parking lot. The asphalt installation process was detailed, starting with precise grading to achieve proper slope and drainage. The skilled team then smoothed the top surface with specialized compaction equipment. We were also able to blend the new asphalt with the existing paved areas, ensuring a seamless transition and a visually cohesive parking lot.

Upgrade Your Commercial Property with New Pavement from Advance Asphalt!

Property owners–both commercial and residential–in California’s Central Valley benefit immensely from our quality parking lot replacement services. Our work not only addressed drainage issues but also provided a durable, long-lasting solution for the business. The client’s satisfaction stands as a testament to the quality pavement we delivered.

For property owners seeking professional paving services in Woodland, consider Advance Asphalt for top-tier solutions. Contact us today to revamp your property with a durable and visually appealing parking lot that stands the test of time.

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